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        Insist on skipping rope 1000 times a day. What will happen after a month?

        There are two answers.

        First: for well-trained people, they will hone their will, and their cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic endurance and muscle system will be improved.

        Second: people who have not had much systematic training before are at risk of injury.

        Continue to look down, let's analyze it in detail.

        Let's start with a real case. A young man named Brandon Epstein accepted a rope skipping challenge and performed 1000 rope skipping exercises every day throughout the month to see what impact it would have on his overall health.

        1000 rope skipping times / day / month. Brandon uses a rope skipping with a mass of one quarter of a pound (0.11 kg). He throws himself into the challenge seven days a week without taking a day off like the usual training schedule.

        On the first day, Brandon spent less than nine minutes to complete all 1000 rope skipping. With the progress of time, he spent more and more time on rope skipping each time.

        But after the challenge, he actually said he didn't recommend it. Because he will feel some damage to his body. He said:

        Although it doesn't take long, I think it's a good recovery to rest at least once a week every three or four days.

        Rope skipping requires rest time. But in the time of challenge, he didn't have a day's rest and would still jump rope alternately. At the same time, try to check whether you can break your record time.

        By the end of the month, Brandon had created his best new time, completing 1000 rope jumps in 390 seconds. As for the results, there was no significant change. Brandon was already very slim at the beginning of the challenge, so by the end of 30 days, he didn't lose too much body fat, and he wasn't particularly surprised.

        "You don't lose weight just by skipping 1000 times a day. I've found that six to eight minutes a day is not enough for you to exercise your cardiovascular system," Brandon said. However, he did say that challenges have some benefits, which can help develop exercise habits.

        Skipping rope can burn calories, but it's not so easy to lose fat

        We may hear that rope skipping is the most efficient fat reduction training. It sounds very powerful. But in fact, the action of rope skipping training is not much different from the way we played rope skipping when we were young.

        The equipment and venue required for rope skipping are very simple. As long as you find a flat indoor or outdoor space and bring a cheap rope skipping, you can start training, which is suitable for men, women, old and young.

        Another convenient feature of rope skipping is that the training content can be adjusted according to individual physical needs. You can jump 10 times a minute or 100 times a minute. How fast and how much you can jump can be determined by yourself, and the heat burned can not be small.

        It is estimated that if you jump rope at a medium speed, you can consume 400 calories in 30 minutes, which is equivalent to jogging for 60 minutes. In fact, the exercise efficiency is very high.

        After understanding the basic knowledge of rope skipping, let's take a look at the knowledge of the energy system behind rope skipping training or fat reduction training.

        In fact, the goal of fat reduction through rope skipping is a great challenge.

        Sometimes it is very difficult to make a good choice of exercise methods for specific training goals and bring new challenges to your body. Therefore, we use various forms of exercise together to achieve the purpose of fat reduction.

        At present, there is a lack of evidence-based research to confirm the physiological adaptability of rope skipping and fat reduction.

        From the perspective of fat reduction, skipping rope for 30 ~ 40 minutes can consume 300 kcal, while the heat of a bowl of white rice is about 250 kcal. For every kilogram of fat lost, it takes about 7700 kcal calories to burn.

        In terms of the amount of exercise, continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for 20 minutes. It can be described as aerobic exercise with less time and high energy consumption. Does it mean that rope skipping takes less time than running and swimming, and consumes more fat with high intensity?

        Everyone should know that aerobic metabolism requires oxygen. Only carbohydrates can be metabolized without the direct involvement of oxygen. Carbohydrates are crucial in anaerobic metabolism!

        The three energy systems work at any time, and the degree of contribution depends on the intensity and duration of the activity. So 100 meters is obviously shorter than 10000 meters.

        ATP (currency of bioenergy) of human skeletal muscle is supplemented through three energy systems: phosphide, glycolysis and oxidation system.

        The oxidation system is the source of ATP under rest and low-intensity activities. It mainly uses the aerobic system to metabolize carbohydrates and fats, while protein is not the main energy source. After a long period of starvation and exercise, a large amount of protein will be used to produce energy.

        The phosphorylation system mainly provides short-term high-intensity activities (100m race);

        The glycolysis system provides medium and high intensity activities of short and medium duration (400m Race);

        The oxidation system provides low-intensity, long-term activity energy (marathon).

        Therefore, the energy currency ATP mainly depends on the intensity of muscle interaction, and the secondary factor is time.

        Think about it, 10000 meter running has a great impact on the type of muscle fiber, and type II muscle fiber (fast constrictor) will play less role. You won't jump for 3-4 hours at a very fast speed in rope skipping. Long time exercise dominated by aerobic metabolism and liver sugar consumption are limiting factors.

        Therefore, rope skipping is mainly anaerobic exercise. Only after a long time can the aerobic system become dominant. The large muscles are constantly working hard to train our aerobic type 1 muscle fibers, which also trains our cardiovascular system.

        Be careful not to get hurt when jumping rope

        Although rope skipping is convenient, there are also some precautions. If there are special diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, etc., don't jump rope rashly and give priority to medical advice. In addition, the following small partners should also pay attention to:

        Little partner with poor knee joint: rope skipping is a typical jumping sport, and knee injury needs to avoid long jumping. If you really want to jump, you should pay special attention to the time and don't jump too long each time.

        Overweight (BMI above 25, excessive body fat): when skipping rope, your knees will bear a lot of pressure than ordinary people, which is easy to hurt your knees. Therefore, it is recommended to walk to lose weight and consider skipping rope after your weight is reduced.

        Small partner with large chest: you must wear sports underwear when jumping, otherwise you will know the pain when you are attacked by gravity.

        For beginners, it is recommended to jump without rope, which will not affect the speed. At the beginning, the body slowly adapts to the law and rhythm of rope skipping, does not pursue speed, and slowly changes the rhythm according to the situation.

        Normal person:

        300 beats / 2 minutes is one group, a total of 15 groups (equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging, which is a standard aerobic exercise);

        Speed is very important. The effect is obvious only when the speed reaches about 150, and the effect is much worse when it is lower than 140;

        A pause of 30 ~ 60 seconds in each group is a buffer rest. Stopping jumping can protect the buffered foot and consume more energy than jumping at a constant speed.

        Here are some rope skipping moves:

        ? single shake

        Keep your feet together, clamp your torso with your upper arms as much as possible, swing your arms, bend your feet slightly and jump upward to maintain a certain rhythm.

        ? single swing variant 1

        Keep your feet together, clamp your torso with your upper arms as much as possible, swing your arms naturally, and lift your feet alternately to maintain a certain rhythm.

        ? single swing variant 2

        The skipping rope swings once, the feet are close together and jump gently once, twice in a row; Then the rope skipping swings once, and the feet burst and jump twice, alternately.

        Double shake

        The rope skipping shall swing once, and the feet shall burst and jump twice. The process shall be carried out continuously. The abdomen shall be closed, and the feet shall be kept upright as far as possible.

        ? single shake + double shake

        First, one single shake, and then two double shakes, maintaining a certain rhythm and alternating.

        Rope skipping, why the fire!
        Skipping rope made the test results of myopia rate and obesity rate of a primary school in Jiangsu "0"

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        Rope skipping, why the fire!

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        Skipping rope made the test results of myopia rate and obesity rate of a primary school in Jiangsu "0"

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