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        Skipping rope made the test results of myopia rate and obesity rate of a primary school in Jiangsu "0"

        There is a small village in Qilu village, Qing'an Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The school has adhered to pattern rope skipping for 8 years and achieved remarkable educational results, especially the students' myopia rate and obesity rate are zero.

        Qilu primary school is located in the northwest of Suining, 23 kilometers away from the county. The school has only 210 students, including 130 left behind children and 15 teachers, most of whom are over 50 years old. Standing at the gate of the school, a two-story building and two rows of bungalows can see the whole school at a glance. It is a typical rural primary school.

        Speaking of the synchronized rope skipping of Qilu primary school, two people can't get around, namely Liu Yan, the coach of the rope skipping team and the sixth grade Chinese teacher of the school, and her husband, Liu en, the principal of the school. Since 1987, Liu Yan and Liu en have been working in rural schools. In 2001, they transferred to Qilu primary school together.

        "The weak awareness of rural parents' education and the intergenerational education of left behind children have led many children to develop the bad habit of playing with mobile phones and electronic products." Liu en told reporters that some students were short-sighted in the third and fourth grades a few years ago because they did not pay attention to the cultivation of life and learning habits, and some students had insufficient learning motivation, weak social adaptability Weak sense of cooperation.

        What should I do? How to guide rural children to grow up healthily through school education? Limited by venue facilities and equipment, the school can carry out limited music, sports and beauty projects. Around 2012, through inter school communication and learning, they found that the investment in rope skipping was less, and the students were also interested, so they began a new attempt. At that time, no teachers in the school were familiar with rope skipping. Liu Yan, who had only received training for a few days, became a coach, groping and practicing with the students.

        Full participation, jump out of a variety of tricks

        "This is my son doing 'Rainbow jump' with his classmates," said Yan Yan, a parent, pointing to a spray painting on the wall of the office building. Yan Yan lives in Qilu village. Both children are studying in Qilu primary school. Her daughter is in Grade 6, her son is in grade 3, and her daughter Feng Dongmei is also a member of the school rope skipping team.

        Simple rope skipping is boring. How can children practice persistently? Through continuous observation and repeated practice, the students slowly found out the trick. Single swing jump, double swing jump, wheel jump... They learn more and more tricks and have more and more strength. In this way, more and more students participate. In 2015, Liu Yan also brought out the first synchronized rope skipping team of the whole school.

        "In terms of innovation, students' ability is stronger than ours," said Liu Yan. With more and more students participating in rope skipping, rope skipping patterns emerge one after another. In order to improve students' enthusiasm for creating patterns, as long as students invent jumping methods and patterns, the school will name them after them. At present, teachers and students of Qilu primary school have explored more than 30 basic jump methods, including more than 200 kinds of pattern jump, cooperative jump and innovative jump.

        Xiao Ya was the first student in the school to learn how to jump with two wheels. Due to her parents' divorce, she lived with her elderly grandmother in her early years. She didn't follow her father to Changshu until she entered junior middle school. Through rope skipping, Xiao Ya soon integrated into the new collective. "I really thank the teacher for taking us to jump rope, which not only gave me a skill, but also gave me confidence in life!" Xiao Ya said.

        More flowers, jump out of comprehensive education

        Just because skipping rope can make the myopia rate and obesity rate of the school zero? How long do students practice every day? "Students jump at school, go home and go to the teacher's house in groups. It takes more than two hours every day. The rope skipping team students jump longer." Liu Yan said that it is the guarantee of the two-hour rope skipping time that the students jump out of their health.

        After class, students jump up and down and move around. In class, they concentrate and believe in the sun - persisting in rope skipping makes the students of the school healthier and more energetic. In March 2019, the students' physical health test data released by Xuzhou Education Bureau and the municipal health and Family Planning Commission showed that the myopia rate and obesity rate of Qilu primary school students were zero, and the average height of the whole school students was 0.8 cm higher than that of their peers. By this year, this data has increased to 1 cm.

        "In addition to rope skipping, I also joined the rope painting community and felt another charm of rope skipping." Liu Xiang, a sixth grader of Qilu primary school, said that now, in addition to physical education, there are rope related contents in Chinese, art, comprehensive practical activities and other subjects, and I feel that the rope is really amazing.

        "With rope skipping as the carrier, we have initially formed a relatively complete 'rope skipping' curriculum system, and refined the educational goals of keeping fit with rope, increasing intelligence with rope, promoting morality with rope and creating beauty with rope." Liu en said. Taking the course construction of "rope culture" as a breakthrough, the school designs school-based integrated courses from the aspects of "creation", "jumping", "painting" and "doing", infiltrates rope elements in Chinese, sports, art and other disciplines, and completes the course tasks of speaking rope, writing rope, skipping rope, painting rope, rope weaving and so on. In April 2017, the school's "rope rhyme youth" characteristic project won the approval of Jiangsu Provincial primary school characteristic culture curriculum base with the achievement of No. 1 in Northern Jiangsu and No. 15 in the province. In March 2019, the project successfully passed the acceptance of the Provincial Department of education.

        A rope not only jumps out of the vivid meaning of "health first", unity and self-confidence, but also wisdom and creation. In recent years, while students are getting better and better, their interest in learning has also been greatly improved, and their exercise level, calculation ability, art skills and hands-on operation ability have been significantly improved. In the 2018 quality inspection organized by Suining County Education Bureau, all grades 5 and 6 of Qilu Primary School entered the first array of rural primary schools. In the quality inspection of all grades and disciplines organized by the Town Central Primary School in 2019, the award rate of Qilu primary school reached 55%, and the six disciplines were far ahead.

        In this way, through continuous exploration, Qilu primary school has gradually embarked on the educational road of rope skipping to promote the all-round development of students' morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. The children in this village not only experienced the joy of rope skipping, but also gained a lot of unexpected things.

        Innovative measures to jump out of the new height of small villages

        What about the village? For farmers, they also need a good school at the door of their home.

        Zhang duping, a 54 year old teacher, has been teaching in rural primary schools all his life. Due to the older age and unskilled teaching means such as informatization, the competition class can not catch up with the young teachers, and there is no chance to evaluate the professional title. "When I was about to retire, I thought that as long as I had good classes and didn't make mistakes," said Zhang duping. However, after working in Qilu primary school in 2018, the atmosphere of the school changed his mind. Because of rope skipping, all teachers in the school cooperate with each other, think in one place and make efforts in one place. Unable to jump the rope, Zhang duping shook the rope for the students, learned from other teachers to knit Chinese knots, sweaters, gloves and take students to the community. The days of retirement are getting closer and closer, but Zhang duping's work is getting stronger and stronger day by day.

        Rope skipping has changed the mental outlook of teachers in Qilu primary school. Although there are only 15 teachers in the school, everyone is full of energy now. Teacher Wang Rongdi brought his own kenaf from home, peeled and dried it, made a rope making machine from waste desks and chairs, and led students to make hemp rope in community activities; Teachers Cheng Yanqiu and Ge Yajing actively participated in Xuzhou mental health training and successfully obtained the primary qualification certificate; Combined with the characteristics of rope skipping, GE Yajing gave full play to her sports specialty and began to carry out in-depth research around students' physical health

        After 8 years of rope skipping, students, teachers and schools are changing. The school at home has been completed, and parents support it more. Originally, people near the school sent their children to central primary schools or private schools in urban areas. Over the past two years, more than a dozen children have transferred back. In 2018, Qilu village was facing demolition in the construction of a new countryside. Due to the rope skipping characteristics of the school, it has become a new business card of Suining education. Qing'an town government decided to set up a centralized residence for villagers in Qilu village and retain Qilu primary school as a designated primary school for a long time.

        Insist on skipping rope 1000 times a day. What will happen after a month?

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